Gemstone Spotlight: Garnet

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Garnet has been revered for its inner fire and as power as a protective talisman for centuries. A garnet was said to be used by Noah as a lamp on the bow of his famous ark, while the Koran holds that the stone illuminates the Fourth Heaven. Garnets are the birthstone for January. 

It presents in a variety of colors including pink, purple, yellow, orange, green, black and, most famously, red. Red garnet can be found in metamorphic rock in every continent, although the finest, most famous and highly prized stones come from Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. This deep red color and its roots in the Latin granatum (meaning seed-like) have linked garnets to pomegranate seeds and the ancient Greek legend of Persephone’s abduction by Hades to the underworld.


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An energizing stone of commitment, honesty and hope Garnet’s can help one realize and enjoy the pleasures of earthly incarnation. This includes enhancing sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy in a balanced fashion. As such, garnet is a stone of romance, love and passion

Green garnets are commonly known as Tsavorite, while orangey-brown and yellow garnets are known as Hessonite garnets. The latter has a deep-rooted connection with Sri Lanka through the ancient spice trade and is also known as “the cinnamon stone”. Tsavorite is a stone of manifestation, prosperity, vitality, and benevolence. It aids in finding the inner beauty both in oneself and others. It is said to help one live one's own destiny rather than struggling along a path that is not truly theirs. Thus it relieves stress at a deep level. 







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