Tucson Gem Shows Day 3

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Today we visited multiple different shows including the JCK Show and the GL&W ShowThe first was a small show focused on mostly finished fine jewelry by independent and upcoming designers, with some cut precious stones while the second was a HUGE show of mixed gemstones (sold by the carat and the strand), fine jewelry, costume jewelry, minerals and rough stones. When buying gemstones, they are usually sold by either the carat weight/gram, per piece, or per strand, depending on the vendor and also type and quality of the stone. 
Here is a lovely selection of loose cut gemstones, sold by the gram: Left: (from bottom to top): Citrine, Imperial topaz, Hessonite Garnet, Opal, Peridot, Smoky Quartz, Emerald, Amethyst). Right: Piles of tiny shimmering tsavorite garnets, untreated yellow sapphire, pink spinel, untreated spinel and color change garnet.
These gemstones are sold by the strand. You can see the striped strands of green and pink tourmaline on the right. Tourmaline has been popular this year in Tucson (see Blog Post #2)
One vendor was selling gold nuggets (old school style) by weight! You can see the gold nuggets on the top shelf, and slabs of gold veins in quartz on the bottom shelf.
Here's an example of some of the fantastic finished fine jewelry available at these shows! Some of the fancy finished fine jewelry here is absolutely fit for a Queen!
Like this multi-gemstone cuff bracelet with a center cabochon ruby. There are emeralds, tourmaline, carnelian, tiger's eye, moonstone and multicolored sapphires lining the very edge of the bracelet. The blue, green and red feather-like shapes are some of the best modern example of enamel-work we have ever seen. This enamel is so fine, it looks like carved gemstones. 

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