Why E.Shaw Jewels? We Can Reveal Your Inner Gem!

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The E. Shaw Jewels Manifesto:

We see our company as a way to help others express their individuality, to boost their confidence and help their inner beauty sparkle. We want our customers to feel confident and beautiful when they wear our jewelry.


We love gemstones, they come out of the earth dirty, looking like ordinary rocks, but inside is something extraordinary. Every gem has value and beauty from relatively inexpensive jasper to the Hope diamond. In a way it’s a metaphor for people as well; no matter what me may look like on the outside there’s a beauty inside. Each and every person holds a gem within. That’s what we want people to be reminded of every time they wear one of our pieces.


The stone that reflects your inner beauty can be surprising- it’s not necessarily your birthstone or a color you like. We have a customer that came in; she was drawn to red and orange, warm-hued stones but when she put them on they looked dull and lifeless. When we encouraged her to try on stones in the grey to blue spectrum, it was as if she lit up from within. As if her spirit shone through the gemstone. Her skin looked amazing and I swear she looked less fatigued and younger!!


THAT’S what we do. It’s not only about designing something that will compliment your lifestyle and clothing, but creating jewels that will make you shine from within. The right gemstone jewelry will do that. We’ve seen it, and when you see it you know right away.


So often we get feedback that our pieces, either self bought or received as gifts are their “lucky” piece of jewelry or they will wear it when they need a confidence boost. We are convinced- it’s their own inner energy reflected through the gemstone.


So what makes us different?

Other gemstone jewelry is selling fashion or gem value. But our jewels help YOUR INNER GEM shine through!



Liz and Eva


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