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What is Vermeil Anyway?

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  •       Gold Filled vs. Gold Vermeil vs. Gold Plated

Here's the DL on the metals:

Gold-filled is made through a process where a solid piece of gold (usually 14-18 kt) is injected with a base metal. Not only does this improve the durability of the material, but because it's made of one solid piece of gold ("filled" with another metal, hence the name) the gold will not "flake off" or discolor.  The resulting product has a gold thickness of 6-8 times conventional plating. It will not discolor, flake off or permanently tarnish.

Vermeil is made when a sterling silver base is bonded through an electrolysis process to 22-24kt gold. This results in a sterling silver base chemically bound to the exterior gold, with a gold thickness 8-10 times that of conventional plating. It will not discolor or permanently tarnish. 

Gold-plating is any base metal (like brass) with a thin layer of gold applied over the top. The gold layer is not very thick or well bonded, so the top layer of gold will flake off over time, leaving the bare metal underneath vulnerable to tarnish and discoloration. The result is a lesser quality material. We do not use gold plating.



So now you know!

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