• Lacey Mother-of-Pearl Earrings
  • Lacey Mother-of-Pearl Earrings
  • Lacey Mother-of-Pearl Earrings

Lacey Mother-of-Pearl Earrings

$ 140.00

Black Rhodium


This luminous, iridescent Mother of Pearl has been later cut to perfection to resemble lace. With bezel-set blue topaz & your choice of black rhodium plates sterling silver or 14-kt gold-filled ear wires. They are so light and comfortable, you'll want to wear them all day, every day!

Mother of Pearl: The inner shell of a pearl-bearing mollusk; but it is much more than a shell. When this mollusk produces young, the young lives inside the parent. In order for the young to protect its tiny existence, it begins to fortify the inside of the mother-shell with layer upon layer of inexhaustible secretions of nacre (the same substance pearls are made of). The colors and iridescence of mother of pearl depends on the type of mollusk and it’s surrounding environment. Mother of Pearl is a powerful protection stone for children and expecting mothers and is beneficial to all for fertility issues, pregnancy, and childbirth. Wear Mother of Pearl to absorb its pure white energy and aid with skin ailments, rashes, and allergies.

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