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Over the Moon Earrings (Silver)

Over the Moon Earrings (Silver)
Over the Moon Earrings (Silver)
$ 150.00 USD

Crescent moons and luminescent freshwater pearls are the perfect celestial pair! Available in 14-kt gold-filled or sterling silver with black rhodium. 2.75 inches long.

Gold: ER-243-PRL   Silver: ER-143-PRL

Freshwater Pearl: A rough grain of sand is transformed slowly over-time growing inside the shell of a mollusk into a object of great value and beauty.  The luminescent pearl symbolizes innocence, purity and honesty. The gemstone of the pure of heart, pearls can stimulate your femininity and help with self acceptance. They can lift your spirits and make you feel calm and beautiful. Pearls are the birthstone for June.

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