• Raw Emerald Studs
  • Raw Emerald Studs
  • Raw Emerald Studs

Raw Emerald Studs

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Sterling silver stud earrings feature organically shaped, naturally formed raw gemstones. Some consider uncut, raw gemstones to carry the purest form of that stone's energy.  Studs measure approximately 1/8 inches long. *Exact shape or color may vary based on availability* 

Emerald: Favored by royalty for centuries (emeralds were a favorite of Cleopatra’s), the history of emerald mining dates back to 3000 BC near the Red Sea. Emeralds legendary green hue resonates with nature energy. They are traditionally the gem of Venus and symbolic of fertility, abundance, health and rebirth. For this reason, many ancient mummies were buried with the stone. As the 20th and 35th anniversary stone, it’s said to bestow love, wisdom, peace and fortune on its wearer. Emerald is the birthstone for May.


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