• Raw Peridot Studs
  • Raw Peridot Studs
  • Raw Peridot Studs

Raw Peridot Studs

$ 40.00



Sterling silver stud earrings feature organically shaped, raw peridot. Some consider uncut, raw gemstones to carry the purest form of that stone's energy. Studs measure approximately .25 inches long.

Peridot is associated with the heart chakra and encourages healing, harmony and compassion in relationships of all kinds. It is known as a stone for prosperity and happiness and it’s high frequency vibrations aid in the manifestation of all desired things. Called a “gem of the sun” by the ancient Egyptians, peridot has always been associated with light and is believed to promote an open heart and protect from nightmares. Formed under extreme conditions deep within the earth, peridot has been mined from the tiny St. John’s Island (a.k.a. Zabargard) in the Red Sea for over 3,500 years. Today, most peridot is mined at the San Carlos Indian Reservation, in Arizona. It is the birthstone for August. 


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