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Eva & Elizabeth Shaw

mother & daughter,

designers & creators









We often hear that we created someone's “lucky” piece of

jewelry. It's what they wear for that extra boost of

confidence. Of course, we know that jewelry isn't just about



Each piece tells a story- the story of you. And the value of a

piece of jewelry does not only lie within the metals and

gemstones. Our jewelry is valued for how it makes people

feel and the energy it brings. We want to help tell your story.

We want to help you glow!







We love gemstones. They come out of the earth dirty,

sometimes looking like ordinary rocks. But inside is

something extraordinary! 


Every gemstone is a gorgeous natural product of the earth,

only formed when conditions, heat pressure & moisture are

just right.


The result is an array of amazing materials so varied and

beautiful that only Mother Earth could create! In a way it’s a

metaphor for people as well; no matter what me may look

like or where we come from, we each have a unique &

beautiful light inside. 


Each and every person holds a gem within. That’s what we

want you to remember every time you wear E. Shaw Jewels.






E. Shaw Jewels is a mother-daughter handcrafted jewelry

company. We create all of our

designs using sterling silver, 14-kt gold-filled and the most

inspirational gemstones we can find; we hand- select all of our

gemstones ensure the best quality.

Eva(G.I.A, G.G) is a Graduate Gemologist of the

Geological Institute of America. 










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