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Soleil Hoops

$ 225.00



These bold & lightweight earrings will become your new favorite pair! 14kt gold-filled and vermeil with garnet cabochons and micro faceted carnelian. 2.75"x 1.75". 


Made with Labradorite & iridescent coated hematite.

Labradorite takes its name from the Labrador region of Canada. According to Inuit legend, the northern lights, or aurora borealis were once trapped inside the rocks along the Labrador coast. One day a warrior found the rocks and freed the lights with a blow of his spear. However, he did not free them all; some remain in their rocky prison to this day. It’s a soothing stone, primarily gray with flashes of blue, green, yellow, violet and sometimes orange. Labradorite is the Stone of Self-Love. It enhances the positive personality traits of it’s wearer, encouraging you to be the best you can, while discouraging the traits and actions that rob your energy and potential negativity. Labradorite brings out the best in people.


Hematite: Hematite’s historical and cultural significance is intimately tied to its chemical composition of iron oxide (a.k.a. rust). The name hematite comes from the Greek haima, meaning “blood” and literally translates to “blood stone”. This name not only refers to the red color of the stone’s powdered form, but also the high amounts of iron found in blood. Metaphysically, hematite is used to improve relationships. They have a highly protective energy and are good to help those who lack courage.

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